Thursday, May 20, 2010

Three little men



Abz said...

i can see this being a 3d pixar movie still... wonderful work!

Elite-Illustrator said...

his is like a dream !!!
the light- which you always master-
the faces- so intense
and the story behind ?
for us to guess ???

Denis Zilber said...

Thank you:)

Sorry, this time there is no story behind:)

Tory Vix said...

Ммм, очень красочно..))

Danilo said...

Your art is amazing! I wish I could get to that level someday.
Thank you for sharing and keep it up! :)

Hugo Freutel said...

Realistic fantasy.
Warm light and great technique.
You are an sensitive observer Denis.

Tooninator said...

this makes me believe there's some epic story to be told. Pure awesome!

Jesse Winchester said...



kanishk said...

he is like a dream !!!

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Unknown said...

I love this one. Reminds me of Fellowship of the Rings.