Friday, May 4, 2012

That’s how it’s done:)


1.Initial sketch
2.Second pass sketch
3.Placing values
4.Final sketch
5.Final lineart
6.Color blocking
7.Basic coloring
8.Highlights and fine details (plus adding camera after editor's request )


Robin. C said...

love it! thanks for sharing the making of the image! :D

Unknown said...

ЛЮблю наблюдать за процессом, спасибо! очень здорово!!

Ronnie said...

Freaking awesome... \m/

Andrey Egorov said...

I very much like your style. Excellent works!

Caerphilly said...

I absolutely love seeing your process. It's amazing to see step 1 to 2, how the rough sketch gets so clean! Real talent!!